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Cyber War One

On October 6th, 2000, some Israeli Hackers managed to breach the security of the Islamic Resistence,
Hizbollah, thereby setting the stage for an unprecedented Cyber War.  The Arab response came swift
and had more tact to it. In fact, the retaliation proved one thing, that Israel is hardly any challenge in
Cyberspace, and that its internet infrastructure as a whole is fair game to a handful elite Pro-Palestinian,
Muslim, and  Arab Hackers.

Please visit  to sample out some of the responses  these
elite Hackers wanted to deliver to the belligerent, blood-thirsty, and unlawful State of Israel and its
guardian hypocrite, the United States. Please bear in mind, that defaces are not  the
only methods employed in this war. Distributed Denial of Service attacks are often employed as well.

Even though the majority of the defaces were intended to deliver political statements, which on the ground
would amount to something similar to burning an Israeli flag in a demonstration (added to that the
inconvenience it caused system administrators as well as the time spent in re-erecting the site,)
some stand out as having far-reaching implications. The AIPAC hack, accredited to Dr Nuker,
for example, proved that even credit card numbers and databses are fair game as well.

I say far-reaching implications because it drives home the vulnerability of the US and Israel, the two countries
that claim they are hi-tech and have vital interests on the network. This hack also reveals, on the other hand,
that hackers like Dr Nuker, aren't interested in committing fraud which explains why the credit card numbers
uncovered during the raid were disseminated rather than secretly circulated.

This particular trait of a hacker puzzled the world media which always equated hacking with criminal activities.
Dr. Nuker, seems to have been more adamant about delivering his political message to AIPAC, than to cause
the money-loving American and Israeli lobby group financial loss by cold-blooded and secretive circulation of
these numbers.

Yet it's hard to conclude that the financial interests on the network of these two countries will always have a
merciful hacker like Dr. Nuker. Satements were made by other hackers involved in the struggle stating that
if the struggle escalates in Cybersapace and on  the ground, the resort to targetting the financial sector is

to have a boot camp war archives with people friendly people matches agains but please no harming. go to for war achives

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