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Documnet Files that well be added for all visitors to downlaod

file name Kilobites
netbus 170 /








icq sms






mail killer






config rp



here are some files used in Msn Download May 20 10:41pm   340 Download   9 Download   26 Download   1 Download   13 Download   15     Download Download May 20 10:50pm

Screen Shots:

  bot.jpg View May 20 08:48am
  crash.jpg View May 20 08:48am
  ip.jpg View May 20 08:48am
  mainbanner.jpg View May 20 02:18pm

NAME SIZE DESCRIPTION 63 kb Hack base codes and pins. All Net Hacker V 4.0 by Great White 757 kb 15 tools to work with TCP/IP networks 129 kb BUTTSnifer  V0.9.3, IP and Port Filtering 11 kb IP Spoofer 156 kb Generate credit card numbers 21 kb Crypt or decrypt any file type 15 kb Fast crypt and decrypt 233 kb who is, finger, ping, etc... 351 kb bombers and nukers 58 kb rip DVD's onto your hard drive then burn them onto VCDs 547 kb Uses a pass dictionary access servers 390 kb A complex brute force 72 kb 7 simple hacking tools 208 kb Get in to 'lamers' email 1822 kb Ip Scanner 58 kb IP sniffer 4 kb Key Logger. Logs all keys to a txt file 1028 kb 28 kb Unprotect the password of any word documents 1590 kb HTTP Brute Forcer 213 kb more than 13 net tools 536 kb Netbus v1.70. Allows remote access to a computer with the patch.exe trojan (included)
nbpro201.exe 1742 kb Netbus v2.01 pro. Later version then the above 6 kb Encrypts and Decrypts documents
metalgodstools.exe 1301 kb Many tools.. inc. pingers, port scanners, winnukes, assualts and   IRCkills
pwm.exe 27 kb Password Monopilizer
house.exe 20 kb Hack into any ICQ account with the house symbol
hackpage.txt 11 kb Teaches you how to hack into a webpage
starthak.txt 63 kb The beginners guide to hacking 827 kb Contains 455 REAL working VIRUS' 40 kb Windows Crasher 20 kb This program will capture the crypted passwords from memory. 124 kb Hack into any ICQ account on your computer 99 kb Show off while chatting or just bomb and flood people 6 kb IP address unmasker 6 kb Hack into any ICQ account on your computer 86 kb You type in the ICQ UIN and it gives you the IP 219 kb Get everything about any ICQ account on your computer 302 kb ICQ hijacker, flooder and information retrieval 39 kb Get the IP of any ICQ on your list 13 kb NT crack 241 kb Simple ICQ tools 461 kb Key Logger. Allows you to attach the file to a exe file and send it to your friend, then it will record keys and send them to your email. It has a lot of options. 373 kb Black Orifice, by cDc allows you to access a remote computer which contains using a trojan horse. 415 kb Black Orifice 2000. Better version as the above.   Sub7 Version 2.2. Allows access to a remote computer using a trojan horse   Sub7 Bonus Version.   Sub7 Gold Version
WWWboard.txt 21 kb Teaches you about WWWboard hacking
telenet_text.txt 10 kb Teaches you how to hack using Telenet
coveryourtracks1.txt 43 kb Helpful document that teaches you how to cover your tracks while hacking
coveryourtracks2.txt 10 kb Part 2 of the above.
ntsec02.txt 3 kb Tells you how to access accounts on an NT system 
ntsec03.txt 10 kb Part 3 of the above
ntsec05.txt 15 kb Part 5 of the above
qhack.txt 4 kb Quick hacks 9.83 kb Jams your modem frequency so you can't get traced
hackhotmail.txt 7 kb A text file that teaches you a way to read hotmail emails (dont know if it still works)
novice_hacking 39 kb A novices guide to hacking
makeavirus.txt 11 kb How to make a virus
namezeronobanner.txt 2 kb Teaches you a way to remove the banner from your namezero site
hackingserver.txt 7 kb A beginners guide to hacking a server
crackntpw.doc 15 kb Document explaining how to crack an NT password
hacker_howto.doc 51.1 kb A hacker how to manual 50 kb Just as the name says it
newbies.txt 18 kb Tutorial explaining how to hack and stay anonymous on the internet. Recommended for newbies. 62 kb Contains hacking tutorials for newbies to elite 610 kb Diablo Keys 2 Full Version. Key logger that records keys, screen and sends it to an email provided. A lot of options 25.7 kb An exploit for outlook, Send an anonymouse email that runs a script when the email is opened.
hackfaq.doc 142 kb FAQs on hacking
hax0r.txt 19.5 kb Yet another guide to hacking 7.49 kb ICQ revenge trojan. Dont run on your system.
internet.txt 47.7 kb A hackers guide to the internet 14.6 kb V1.3,  This program generate random packets (protocol,port,etc...) of course the source ip is spoofed (random progressive generation)... so don't worry packet as much u want.
shell.txt 14 kb Shell accounts for newbies
takeoverirc.txt 6.08kb Tutorial on how to take over an IRC channel
tracks.txt 40.1 kb A small text explaining how to cover you tracks on the internet
hackirc.txt 13.9 kb A tutorial on how to hack an IRC channel
hacktute 279 kb A step by step on how to hack. Recommended for newbies. 54.4 kb Ajan 1.1 is test program to how Trojans work and simulate a Trojan working. You can also use Ajan as a Trojan 101 kb Disconnect a computer 
crackntpw.txt 15.5 kb Tutorial on how to crack NT passwords 114 kb Cracker Jack is a Unix password checker/cracker, running on PC's. 7.76 kb create Fake IDs 78.2 kb

Fuckin' Hacker is a code-hacking piece of software. Anyone who does not know much about phreaking should NOT use this program. It is designed for the experienced phreak as a tool to aid him in his telephone endeavors, and<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><O:P> </O:P>to save him a little money in the process. 12.3 kb Freeze an IRC
icmpscan2 79.8 kb ICMP scanner 51.7 kb Icq v2000, get the IP address of any ICQ UIN 70.2 kb scans a given IP or a range of IPs for ports, BIOS and more 363 kb ICQ tweeker and other tools 17.7 kb The hack program will grant supervisor equivalency to all users on a network if it is run while the supervisor is logged in. 22.7 kb NT crack 46.1 kb Gets all passwords from the computer and saves them in a txt file 85 kb Delete a file without any traces and you cant recover it 40.2 kb Hacking FAQ 11.2 kb Port Scanner 168 kb Outlook Mail exploit

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