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Heres an easy and secure way to hack neopets and cracking neo points many people did this the first boy named jerry welson was playing neopets he tryied this he cracked over 100,0000 neo points out and managed to escape but teach you the cracking later here are simple steps to do.

Password hacking

How do you hack a password?
Well, basically, the way it works is, is that neopets stores their passwords in a file. Getting that file isn't easy, as simply typing it's URL doesn't work. It will tell you that you have redirected from the wrong place! You will have to solve this yourselves, with all the clues I give you. If you want the answer for yourselves, send me a username & pass that has at least 20 000 NP or a rare item and I will tell you. Ready? OK!
Hacking takes patience! But basically, you need to know a few programming languages!! Learn PERL, HTML, javascript, JAVA, C, and C++, then email and I'll tell you how!!!

Password geting?

These are the steps to hacking anyones password on neopets.  They work because I have tried them so I know.  I made a tool to hack passwords right off of the neopets server.  At first I thought hacking was bad and only mean idiots did it but know I'm rich, my pets aren't ever hungry, and I can buy almost anything.  Please note that you must input your username and password only beacuse we need to send you a return message undetected by neopets and we can only do that with your username and password.

  1. Get the name of the account that you want to hack.  Make sure it's not anyone to important (like Hrobi) because everyone will know about you.
Use someone kind of big but not to big.

  2. Go to neomail and click "send"
  3.  On the to line put "hack101"

  4.  In the subject line put "Get Pass"

  5.  In the message box put...

funct=Getpass/buildInterface/(username of your main account here)/(first 3 characters of your password here)/(all remaining characters of your password here)/
(username of the accout you want hacked)
overcode=*****/resume Getpass/send confirm "3";"4,5"/Endloop/Clmemo/return

6. You will recieve a confirmation Neomail(c) which will contain the username and password of the accout you want to hack

7. Enjoy and please tell your freinds

                     CRACKING NP