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use proxys for internet explorer the proxy and ports that and wont block you or unblock you many poxys are tested to help you get rid of blocks like the emirate blocked sites to open them just follow some proxys that wore tested that well make sure ti help you.

The clickable links below are CGI proxies; the rest are real ones (configure into your browser - note you MUST disable the automatic proxy configuration).

If you end up trying more than a page or so down this list - it's time to give up and figure out what you're doing wrong.

I get tired of testing ports, and the list changes often, so ask me if there's a specific port you need to know about. Some of the information below is rumor, some fact, all changing with time, but as best I can tell the current status of blocked/open TCP ports is:

  • blocked: 80, 81, 119, 666, 800, 1080, 3128, 7175, [8000-8003], 8008, [8080-8090], 8888, 10080, 12053, 20034
  • open: 21, 22, 23, 25, 82, 83, 88, 110, 443, 880, 1024, 1234, [3000-3005], 3010, 3020, 3100, 3129, 4000, 5150, 5190, 6080, 6532, 7000, 7036, 8100, 8501, [8800-8801], 9000, 9003, 9080, 9090, 9200, 9669
  • unknown: many more
In addition to the above port blocks, some IP addresses are blocked (again, let me know if there are changes or errors in the list). I can't think of a way to tell if these are blocked by the UAE, or by the destination; if someone can suggest a test, i'd be happy:
  • #the onion router proxies (
  • 209.166.17.* #the whole range, I think. These are the noproxy proxies (and all their different names). Also blocks the name servers!
  • net2phone call server addresses
    Saudi Arabia
  • blocked: 80, 119, 1080, 3128, 8000, 8040, 8080
  • open: 22, 23, 81, 82, 83, 856, 880, 3129, 4147, 6532, 7036, 8041, 8046, 8081, 8227, 8802, 9000, 9080, 10000, 10080, 15514
  • unknown: many more
  • blocked: 80
  • open: 8080
  • open: all?
  • blocked: none?
  • A transparent proxy on port 80 censors Qualitynet users - just pick a proxy on any other port.
    China - 163 network
  • blocked: none?
  • open: 110, 119(?)
    China - 169 (domestic) network
  • blocked: none (?)
  • open: all (?)
  • none are useful, because the 169 network is in private address space. Proxies or NAT are necessary.
  • blocked: none?
  • open: 80, 8080, 3128 - all?
  • private address space?
Please let me know if you can add to the list, or if there's something wrong in there.

In the following list, these definitions are used:

 listening, accessible, not access controlled, not censored ... usable
not listening
 the server or service is simply not listening for requests at the time the test was made. It's probably permanently dead, but keep trying over the next month or so.
the port it's listening on is directly accessible (unblocked).
the proxy will (like the UAE proxies) censor your accesses. I've also used this term to cover the URL pages which are blocked by the UAE censors.
a page you can access which will then make your request for you without passing your origin info on.
you access the page normally (click on the link), fill in the your web request details and the form refers your access request to a CGI application which makes the request and returns the requested page to you. Most of these rewrite the links on the returned page so you can then just click to get to them.
real proxy
the type you need to configure your browser to use. These are the ones below without the 'http://' stuff - the unclickable ones.
anti censoring proxy; like a CGI proxy
access controlled
only certain domains/IP addresses are permitted to originate requests (i.e. not you!).
  • will get you to, but no links on the resulting page will go via the proxy. You'd have to do that manually, unless you have the Alstone proxy installed.
  • # bess censored
  • Vlad's lists seem to be now useless for UAE proxies, KSA ok. Updated a few reports on proxies below; no new proxies, but the ones below still work ok (, in particular).
  • went through Vlad's list of 'uncommon port proxies for UAE and KSA peoples', and found all of them to be unusable, dead, censored, or already known for some time except for the following one.
  • #weird - it doesn't get the page you request.
  • lyracom has been mentioned as useful in the UAE. I haven't tried it, but it uses port 5190, so it probably works. A client download is required. Payment is required.
  • is another name for Thanks Louis.
  • nntpbot will give you a list of open Usenet News servers. Port forward to them with ssh, or point your redirector to them.
  • exonet is a cgi proxy
00/2/10 (thanks Vlad)
  • #working (note: recently unblocked port for the UAE)
  • #working
  • #working
  • marblebox is another noproxy name (not working in the UAE, of course). Thanks J.
  • #working
  • #working; 00/4/5 ip blocked; 00/4/28 unreachable
  • #working; 00/4/5 still good
    purplestar is another noproxy name (thanks again, J). Again, www1,www2, ... www11 will work. Also, as usual, * will work, no matter what * is. See the hylafax note below for the details about this.
    orangefolder is another noproxy name (thanks j). All the www and * names will work too.
  • #working; 00/2/10 working
  • cloak7, cloak9 and cloak11 are more CGI proxies from noproxy.
  • nitrogen is another the-cloak name. Thanks J.
  • #still access controlled - and still nasty about it :-)
  • #not listening
  • #access controlled
  • #working; 00/2/2 not listening; 00/2/2 working intermittently; 00/2/10 working
  • #working; 00/2/13 access controlled
  • #working; 00/4/5 ip blocked
  • It looks like the ompages proxy is gone for good.
  • The ompages site below looks like it's down for now. Hopefully temporary.
  • cloak is yet another name for noproxy. They won't keep up with these guys! Cloak1,2,3,4, 5... can also be used if any of them get censored. Thanks John.
  • I've just noticed that the noproxy guys have managed to make any URL that looks like <any string> or <any string> resolve to their A nice piece of DNS work. The UAE has already managed to get their string regex censoring to work on all the * URLs, but not yet on the hylafax ones. The noproxy people are really pushing the censors; unfortunately this might push them into blocking by destination IP address (since they mostly resolve to the same address).
  • noproxy #cgi - just another name to use
    • or #will get you to, substitute your favorite site as required. Many of the others below work this way too. Don't bother to try the autoconfigure mentioned on their web site though, you can't get to port 8080 directly - it's blocked.
    • offers a new anti-censorship service. IE5 thinks the certificate is no good and doesn't display the gold lock to indicate you are secure, but with a network sniffer it appears to be encrypted. It will cost you about $US17 per month, but maybe it's worth it to bypass all the stupid censorship (web only, I think). I would recommend something like this if you don't mind spending the money. All your accesses will be encrypted and, if their address gets censored, they guarantee to provide a new address within 3 working days. The address given above is already censored by the UAE, but don't let that stop you - just use one of the working proxies below (ompages still works and probably allows the secure stuff) to get there and look around, and maybe subscribe. If you can't find one which works and you want to subscribe, email me and I'll see if I can do it for you - if you trust me with your credit card etc. ;-). I don't know what they need until I try it, so I can't promise anything.
    • #access controlled
    • #access controlled
      I still have some proxies to send via email.
    • #working
    • #cgi; censored
    • #cgi; censored already!
    • #another cgi proxy; still working
    • #bess censored
    • #not listening
    • #bess censored
    • #not listening
    • #working; not listening; 99/12/3 working
    • I've got a few to send via email only - write me. I want to see if they get blocked as quickly as the ones published on this page seem to be.
    • #not listening
    • #working, but censored (bess)
    • #working, but http/0.9 and character set issues - unusable
    • #not listening
    • #access controlled
    • #access controlled
    • #working; not listening; access controlled
    • # 99/10/1 working, but slow; too slow to use; 00/4/5 access controlled
    • # seems to be source blocked - I'd be happy if someone can clue me in here. It listens to other places, but not to the UAE (?)
    99/9/28<URL> # e.g. will take you to l0pht. Link rewriting is done, but not encrypted. Don't expect too much. 'course the whole purpose is to log comments, so you're being watched. Redirection and Java are handled badly.
    99/9/23 #working; 99/10/1 listening, but page gone. Now it needs to be<URL>, where <URL> is the URL without the http:// on it. No links are rewritten, so it's only good for one page at a time.
    • #not listening
    • #not listening
    • #not listening
    • #working; access controlled (nasty bugger as well!)
    • #access controlled
    99/9/13 #listening, main page not default. Same as above, use<URL>.
    • #working, but BESS censored
    • #working; 99/9/17 working erratically; not listening
    • # another anonymizer - thanks Edgar; they'll give you a proxy on port 8000 - but this is blocked.
    • #accessible, currently listening and it works; 99/9/17 not listening
    • #accessible, but censored
    • #listening but VERY slow, not accessible.
    • #accessible, listening, works from UAE; 99/9/17 - not listening
    • # another anonymizer type page. This one handles redirection correctly! But only tokenized, not encrypted. Thanks E - you know who!; 99/10/1 still working well.
99/8/30        # not listening

99/8/27        # thanks IRS. this one is good, free, but temporary - username/pass is free/free

                                                # not a bad permanent option if you have $50 per month; not UAE accessible


             #not listening

              #not accessible

               #working, but not accessible

           #not listening

            #slow, but it works; 99/9/17 still works; 99/10/1 still working; 99/10/16 access controlled

          #not working

            #not accessible

            # not accessible

            # not accessible

            # not accessible

        The following came from a list I just found:

        more cgi proxies (thanks Brasidias):


                                 #working; 99/10/1 still working

         #99/10/1 working

         # 99/10/1 working

           # 99/10/1 working - a good site!

             #99/10/1 not listening


       #text; 99/10/1 working

        #99/10/1 working







        and even more (thanks Bone Digger):


       ***They owe Anonymouse royalties for use of his name!!






         #not working              #working; 99/9/17 not listening

99/8/25        # an encrypted anonymizer (aka Janus); 99/10/1 listening, but UAE  censored

99/8/24 # uname/pwd: free/speech - but it's pretty basic. #still works ok - doesn't handle complex redirections.

99/8/23        #acp - try here if the page below doesn't work. 99/8/24 there are problems with this one - expect a fix soon though. 99/8/24 looks like it's had too many hits - may not return :-(

99/7/20      # believe it or not!

99/7/14 #from (I include these so you can see for yourself)       #malformed reply  #malformed reply       #no reply port 12352   #malformed reply port 1088     #no reply port 1234    #malformed reply port 10080   # no reply port 23  #malformed reply port 1105  #no reply port 1105  #no reply port 1105  #malformed reply         #no response         #malformed reply port 3000    #malformed reply port 3000      # it works! fast; 99/7/29 no longer working.


99/7/10   # two working proxies here, one clear, one encrypted; gone

99/6/24 acp:       #censored by UAE

99/6/22 #more afpp sites - an ssl acp mirror   # ssl version!, but blocked by UAE or 8802     # 8802 works ok.; 99/10/1 not listening or 8802      # 99/10/1 not listening     # 99/10/1 looks like they didn't pay their domain registration!

99/3/17 - another acp mirror

99/2/7  #emirates.list restricted, pay site

99/2/5 - various acp proxies #gone                                                    #works, 99/6 now blocked by UAE                                               #works                                               #works                                               #'problem with page'    not functional any more   #no access                                  #timeout                                 #timeout                               #timeout                  #emirates list restricted               #works; 99/10/1 not listening

<untested>   # 99/10/1 not listening    # 99/10/1 not listening #UAE censored #not listening   #works; not listening

98/12/21 10080 #works; now UAE censored

98/10/19        # works!; 99/10/1 not listening

98/7/27 UAE blocked port 9669 and others! search for port 10080 (now blocked as well - wayne) yielded:; timeout(?); ok; timeout; ok; down permanently; timeout; timeout; timeout; host not resolved; host not resolved; host not resolved; timeout; timeout; timeout
; timeout
; timeout
; timeout
; not resolved
; timeout
; timeout
; timeout
; timeout
; host not resolved
; timeout
; host not resolved
; timeout
; host not resolved

search for proxy and port
;8181; timeout


edu: 9090; no access 81 works;censored 3129

others: 5580; no access 9669       #gone 9669

dejanews search for public and prox* not (3128 or 808*)

        98/7/4 playing with netCat - starting at [] 81; no access

 30001 fast, but japanese character problems (???); now source blocked 9090 - ok, medium speed - erratic; access denied 666 no connect (anonymizer service); not authorized

        98/3/18 - squid proxies from ''

        (data at, sorted by port, blocked ports removed

 81 - host not found 81 no connect; timeout 81 no connect; host not found 81 fast!; no access 81; timeout; no access 81; timeout 81; no access 82 - not public     # not public; blocked 800 - 'site not found'; ditto 800 - 'site not found' 800 'conn not established' 800 access denied 1080 - 'site not found' 1080 - no connect 1080 ok, med speed, but censored! 1080 site not found 1080 - ok, medium; site not found 1080 - ok, medium; not public 1080 - ok, medium+; not found 1080 - no connect; no connect 1080 - ok, slow; not public 1700 - not public 2222 not public 3129 - ok, slow; no connect; no connect 3129 - no connect; site not found 3129 - no connect; no connect 5580 - ok, slow; no connect; ditto 6969 - not public 9000 - 9000 prolly blocked?; no connect; ditto 9003 - ok, extremely slow; no connect 9090 - no connect 9090 - access denied 9090 - ok, fast; not public :-(; ditto 9669 ok unreliable; fast now! 10000 access denied 10000; no access 10080 access denied

        neptun.beotel.yu 15514 access denied

        proxy.beotel.yu 15514; access denied

        from the proxy list at: ok; no access

; host not resolved 800; timeout

        hotbot search on "proxy.pac" - not permitted - no response - not permitted no response 1; timeout - not permitted - not permitted


        # Web proxies as of Fri Dec 19 10:39:27 PST 1997

        #; timeout   # 99/10/1 working

        * no response 1201ms; timeout

        * 3000  censored! 912ms 831ms    # access controlled; ssh-fast; ssh-no response; ssh-connection reset 901ms; timeout

        *; censored                        ok, fast!; no access

        *                                     no connect; no access

        *; timeout censored!; no access

        JP Translator 30001 WWW / FTP -

Enjoy Proxy Working On