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War Games well be built soon be the one to know when war games well be built.

you well find the war game to in------> here

Rules first before entering

  • The Idea of the games is to allow anyone who wants the chance to hack something to do so ethically without
    running of the risk of getting into trouble with law..
  • You will be encouraged to obtain root, make files, patch the holes you find or have found, keep others out, and most of all, let us know how you did it.
  • We are also starting up some additional games to snap into our servers. Updates of these will be posted within our Wargames Section.
  • Do not tamper with Log files or the Logging features in place.  We are not only trying to protect this, but we want to watch the games too.
  • No outgoing activity will be allowed from any box within our wargames suite.  We do not want anyone launching attacks from our platforms.  We are not liable for any activities going on upon the server, as we do not have control over it. With this, we will aid the authorities if anything unlawful does occur.
  • We will not tolerate any form of nukes, floods or DoS Attacks.  We do not want to find any unethical or immoral actions being performed upon our servers.  The war games are here for you and your peers to have fun, Learn, and expand your knowledge of "hacking" legally.  Please do not turn this into something illegal and ruin it for all of us.
  • If you do get root PLEASE DO NOT pull an . rm -rf /. or any form of file removal that you have not created. Please remember the servers are here for all of us to learn from.
  • There will be web servers running on all the machines, if you hack root, change the web page and tell people about it. Please explain how you did it on the web page, so others can learn from it and progress in their understanding.  If you would like to patch the hole, please do.  Be reminded we will be doing the same. If you get root, we will let you keep it as long as you behave.
  • There will be a 10 MB quota an all accounts; there is no need for large quotas upon these accounts, as they could risk being abused.
  • The accounts are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. If anyone is found giving out account passwords then their account will be IMMEDIATELY removed.
  • Rules may change. If you have ideas for rules, please email us at
  • If you, or anyone you know is interested in helping us with donating a server, or allowing us to put there box in the games, please contact us at
  • War Games well be built soon be the one to know when war games well be built.

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    Here is one war game but i am sorry its not muilty with other people se if your a true hacker try cracking the password for this box

    Type the password and click to continue try cracking it:

    ok try this here try accessing the web site hacking the page and finding out its pass to hack it.



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    Try accessing as much crack it do any anything Enjoy

    here are some downloads
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