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Email Bombers
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File Bombers Discription Star
Download Avalanch 3.6 Top of the line mail bomber.
Download Aenima 2.0 A very popular mail bomber.
Download Bomsquad Never used this one.
Download Extreme Mail Another bomber
Download Hacktec This is also another of my favorites.
Download KaBoom 3.0 Getting old now, works for win95 only.
Download Unabomber This is another good mailbomber.
Download Homicide Standard Mail Bomber
Download Digital Destruction Beta Nice mail bomber, although in beta stage.
Download Euthanasia Anonymous email bomber, very handy.
Download Ghost Mail 5.1 Send anonymous untraceable mail.
Download Saddamme 0.2 Another mailbomber.
Download X-Mail This is a pritty damn good mail bomber.
Ever been fucked with until you just can't stand it? Well, if someone fucks with you, use these tools to freeze their email box, or crack their passwords. Have fun
Mail Bombers
VB4 Files 9k  Needed files for the bombers.
Needed .dll files 1.2 megs  Some bombers require these dll files.
Aenima 1.5 601k  A fairly decent bomber.
Aenima 2.0 624k  The best version of the Aenima bombers. Most recent.
Avalanche 2.8 149k  This is the one I used to use, Avalanche are the best bombers out there, well in my opinion anyways.
Avalanche 3.0 203k  I hear this one is the best out of all of them. But I use 2.8
Avalanche 3.5 203k  Don't ask me what the change is, the file size is almost the same as 3.0
Avalanche 3.6 357k  Latest version of Avalanche
Bomb Squad 170k  Cleans out your mailbox after you've been bombed.
Extreme Mail Beta1 1.1 megs  This is supposed to be a really good one made by a group called Extreme.
HackTek 246k  This is a wicked little prog.
Homicide 1.8 Megs  This one is alright. Alot of people I know love this one.
KaBoom! 3.0 342k  This was the best mail bomber until Avalanche came along. It was made by S.I.N. member The Messiah. He ordered to have all copies of KaBoom taken off the net, but no one listened.
Quick Fyre 174k  The mail bomber from Divine Intervention (on nukes page).
Shock 1.1 4k  This is definatly the smallest mail bomber I've ever seen. I've never tried it, so I don't know if it works.
UnaBomber 307k  This is a cool mailbomber, some people complain that it's hard to set up, unzip it and run the self-extracting program, what's so hard? 
UpYours 3.0 2.9k  The best bomber of the UpYours series, I don't really like it all that much, you need Active Internet Controls though.
Up_Yours_4_Beta 3 191k  It's still in beta testing but I heard it's amazing

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